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Edward Elric by Gure-san Edward Elric by Gure-san
This is just a picture I drew the other day in the library with nothing else to do. Penciled, inked, and colored with colored pencils on regular sketchbook paper. What I'm really proud of is the colors. I've only colored two other pictures in the past two years, so I'm pretty pleased with it. What say you? Oh yes, this is my first submission, so I'm really, really sorry if this sort of thing isn't acceptable or whatnot. If I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me any way you can. I'm sweating bullets here; this place seems so prestigious.
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KazaneKyo Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2006  Professional Photographer
dA ain't no saint's castle. My gallery was proof before I cleaned it. (I'm a photographer.)
Gure-san Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2006
True that. =_= I've been here for years now, and I've learned some things. >_< You can see some pretty terrible stuff on here. I've seen many a decent artist get jerked around or even banned. It's depressing, and partly why I almost never come here anymore. Eesh.
KazaneKyo Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006  Professional Photographer
Ain't that the truth
Skyji Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice i try too draw that picture too but it is really bad°°
Moonlit-Sonnet Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
That's how I felt the first time, and still kinda feel that way...
Anyways... I really like this!
I can never draw characters without a model... plus... your great!
I think the reason why you were nervous is because of all the CG stuff on here!
Sometimes I feel like traditional ways such as paints and whatnot are obstalete... but then I see a genius with paints and i'm like... it's even betta! :nod:
Gure-san Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2006
Yeah... there's tons of CG, but when I see something someone actually painted with their own two hands, I'm blown away. I think I'll always prefer traditional art. ^_^
Raikiri10 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2006
How nice job! I think so too that you did great with the colouring and shading is very beautiful work too!
Gure-san Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
Why, thank you ^_^ I love your sig. X D
Raikiri10 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2006
your welcome and thanks..! :D
Janithya Featured By Owner May 7, 2006
Wow this is really cool! You drew Edo so awsome! I really love how you did his automail! :bounce:
animekicksass Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006   Writer
ooo nice job jane im adding this to my favourites ^_^
Gure-san Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006
X D Jane. LOL. So I guess the rule stands even if I'm on my own computer in the physical world? Thanks. ^_^
Uchupi Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2005
Cool *______*
RaeMcgee Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
Ed is hot! And you made him even Hotter! ^_^ good job! love it!
t3hs3cks Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
OMG. sexy.
call-me-lola Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2005
Impressive. The robot arm thinger is rad!
I'm envious of people who can draw people well *cough*you*cough*. My people are always disproportionate and dysfunctional looking.
Gure-san Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005
Thanks much! All you need to do is practice a lot. I know, that's what they all say, but it really is true. In my case, it was 15 years of practice, and I still need a lot of improvement. O_o
Lindus Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
Very nice job recreating that pic from the manga! Nice detail on the automail
Haa-san Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
GURE-SAN!!!!!!!! :glomp: I really really like this. I feel so so....well I know I can never draw like Gure-san :glomp: I think that the belt should be darker though, but that is about it. :boogie: :clap: :excited: :hug: :love: :w00t: :wave:
stoopidity Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
oh, lookin good.
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November 6, 2004
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